The company’s development, that is:

  • creating and testing the concept of products and services in the Living Lab environment, taking into account the process of co-creating value by buyers – co-creating
  • development of feasibility study and due diligence
  • preparation of strategies, marketing and business plans
  • integration of offline and online processes
  • entering new domestic and foreign markets
  • building sales, distribution, network structures, e.g. franchise
  • creating outsourcing sales and distribution teams
  • cooperation in the succession process in a family business

 For development to be possible …

BRAINetwork is a combination of academic research team with experts experienced in business practice. This combination of knowledge and practice gives us the guarantee of effectiveness. We operate on the principle of co-creation.

What is co-creation?

Co-creation consists in including interested entities from outside the enterprise: recipients and contractors in the process of developing new products and services to use their experiences and insights during discussion and exchange of ideas.

For whom?

Such a strategy can be used by enterprises, administrative authorities, organizations and other institutions. In the context of the requirements of modern recipients, companies can not promote a strategy consisting only in imposing their own, specific solutions on the market. Co-creation causes blurring of company boundaries through external innovations and creating value by the buyer. It turns the consumer into an active partner who participates in these processes. This mutual relationship affects both the consumer and the company and again defines our way of thinking, interaction and innovation.

Interested in the development of your own company or institution?

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