BRAINconsumer – Idea

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an attitude of enterprises that refers to values ​​based on integrity and reliability towards the company’s stakeholders, including contractors and consumers. The importance of such attitudes has not only a moral aspect but also an economic one as it shapes the relations between the partners based on trust. Therefore, he builds social capital, the value of which translates into quality of life and increase of well-being and ensures the development of enterprises. This obvious statement, however, is not confirmed by everyday practice, in which the narrowly understood principle of self-interest prevails over a wider view that takes into account the social and ethical context. It causes a lot of disturbances in socio-economic development. Therefore, imperfections resulting from the behavior of various entities should be corrected by institutional measures limiting the negative effects of their actions. It is not only about creating new administrative structures but about creating network connections of cooperating entities (experts, consumers and companies themselves) in order to reduce asymmetry of information, point to unreliable behavior and to promote entities guided in their actions by responsibility. That’s why we started working on the BRAINkonsument implemented under


Institutional solutions supporting sustainable development and ensuring the efficiency of the economic system have been functioning in many countries for a long time. In these countries for many years there are institutions that care for symmetry in the relations between market participants such as Warentest in Germany or various non-profit organizations. There are already many models on which such solutions can be built in Poland. The project created under would consist in the creation of teams of experts dealing with monitoring and assessment of the conditions on which transactions between business entities and consumers are carried out, and conducted research on products and services.

In the first stage, we focus our activities on the analysis and evaluation of various types of product and service offers regarding their compliance with the actual state, seller’s declarations and offer in legal meaning at the time of purchase by consumers. In the next stage, we want to create conditions for physical testing of various types of products, such as food and cosmetics. The results of this type of expert work will be published and available first to consumers who will be actively involved in the cooperation process.

Invitation to cooperate – join us

In addition to the overarching social goal, the project has a business objective that assumes the creation and implementation of a self-financed business model in the long-term from many sources. We invite all willing to cooperate and support our project materially and intellectually. The venture is a start-up with a spin-out option

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